Who is Kory Cooley?

      Beyond “Kory Cooley” being a great name, the artist who uses that name is actually a graphic artist among other things. He has been creating art from a young age, even though basketball usually had his full attention. He spent the majority of his life working towards becoming a professional athlete. Despite his success, he wanted to explore his other passions and engage in more fulfilling work. After recently relocating from Maryland to Richmond, Virginia, he has rekindled his passion for Graphic Arts.
Kory graduated from Virginia Union University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. He has been commissioned to do numerous art pieces, outside of the work that he does for his own enjoyment. He is a diverse artist who has dabbled in more art mediums than he can remember. He has done international graphic design work as well as logos for some local startups. He is currently illustrating a children’s book named “More to Me”. Graphic design is his specialty, but he likes all things that include artistic expression, which is kind of everything, am I right?